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Go paperless! Here are 5 good reasons why you should switch to EMR

By September 3, 2017 No Comments

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EMR (electronic medical records) have revolutionized the delivery of patient care. From streamlining your workflow to maximizing your return on your investment, EMR clinic management software offer numerous benefits for patients and medical professionals. MDware Software advise you to keep reading.

Makes paperwork easy:  One of the most immediately obvious benefits to using an electronic medical record is that is reducing the time taken for the provider to complete a patient encounter. EMR Clinic management software puts an end to needless searches for paper charts, lab results, and other information. The system automatically scans and recognizes patient history intake, saving each employee valuable time. Plus, digital files can be opened immediately from nearly any location, helping reduce medical errors and improve efficiency.

Improves the coordination of care: EMR clinic management software have alerts built into them that let the physician not only gain insight on lab results, but know whether the patient has allergies to certain medications or being considered for treatment. Your patients will appreciate the fact that staffers no longer keep asking for the same information.

Physicians get remote access to data in real time: The unique nature of EMR clinic management software is that it allows you to view patient data you need anytime, anywhere. Clinics can keep a systematic record of patient’s history with medical prescriptions and previous medical treatment received. When needed, the doctor can have a glance at the entire history of the patient at the click of a button.

Increases the security of patient records: When you use a paper-based system for your patients’ medical records, it’s possible that anyone can access them without your knowledge. Someone leaves a patient’s file out instead of putting it back in the filing cabinet, for example, or misfiles the information. With so many data breeches making the news these days, it is important to make sure that your organization is doing everything possible to maintain patient confidentiality. With EMR clinic management software, you gain better control over who has access to the information in the patient’s record. Access can be based on usernames and passwords or levels of authority.

Cuts down on office expenses: We know the business of managing medical records and work with physicians every day that must manage thousands of paper patient records. Scanning patient records can be very expensive and time consuming when you resort to doing things the old-fashioned way (sticking with paper only record systems). Imagine searching for patient files, entering data into the system, and having to track down misfiled papers daily. It’s simply not worth the headache. The rate of errors will increase exponentially, not to mention printing costs.

Adding to the above benefits of allowing physicians to manage their records safely and conveniently; EMR clinic management software will save health organizations large amounts of money each year by helping doctors reduce the number of redundant imaging or laboratory tests they order.

Increasing revenue should not be your only focus. While this is extremely important, it only makes sense to look for ways to make your business more efficient. By using less paper and fewer pens, medical providers can greatly reduce their budgets for non-medical supplies. Fewer bulky files can also eliminate the need for filing cabinets and other physical organization systems. Make the move to a paperless system, such as EMR, if you haven’t already. It may be the best decision your practice makes all year!


Improving all of these areas of your practice workflow is highly desirable, but the fact is, you can’t improve what you can’t see or measure. The good news? There is a solution. Having an integrated EMR clinic management software provides ongoing visibility and insight into your practice’s efficiency and productivity, which is essential to performance improvement.

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