Easy to use, secure, customized and editable, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are the smart solution to modern medical aesthetic clinics and medi spas. Virtually eliminate paperwork, and streamline your business!

Standard EMR systems are expensive, complicated and require a comprehensive IT network to run. It may even require days of training and a complicated set up process.

MDware’s EMR system is made for all users, including those with little to none computer experience. It is designed to be integrated within the roles of all staff from having consent forms issued by support staff to the active procedure form completed by the practitioner. Access levels are preset, so staff have various levels of authorization and access to information.

Choose from our library of forms, or we can digitize your existing forms. These forms are editable by typing, writing, or even drawing and are saved right on the client’s profile!

For more information on how MDware’s EMR system can help you make your practice more efficient, please contact us at 1-800-798-6199.

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