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Medspa Software, Medical Software and Why You Need It

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Preventative medicine in beauty is becoming the leader in antiaging and skin health. Medspas are one of the key providers of these treatments, and create a facility for clients that combine the very best spa treatments and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. Medspa software is also a combination of the best spa software and medical software.


The uniqueness of a medspa is that it requires medspa software, which includes features of both medical software such as electronic charting, patient information storage, and ability to go paperless aswell as spa software. Spa software that is powerful, simple to use, has marketing abilities, has booking/calendar capabilities and allows you to allocate your spa resources is important for running the business efficiently.

However, it is impractical to use both. So you need a medspa software solution which integrates both elements seamlessly – a high end medical program that is also designed for spa management.

Despite offering spa services, a medspa is very much a medical operation and should be run as efficiently, smoothly and as safely as possible. This is where medical software comes in – as the mastermind of your business that simultaneously directs workflow, manages staff, patients and appointments, keeps records of sales, patient visits and inventory, automates important but time consuming tasks and ideally also manages your paperwork.

Medical spa software streamlines your business’s workflow by managing all appointments, allowing staff to know the exact status of a patient’s treatment, the availability of rooms and machines such as lasers and what the next step should be for a patient or a staff member.

These software programs can also feature great staff management functions which allow you to track hours, book days and time off, and even split commision between staff. It may also be able to process payments, keep track of invoices and even send the information to accounting programs such as quickbooks.


medical spa software, medspa software, medspa, software, medical software, software for medspa, medical patient software, spa management program


Going paperless creates efficiency, reduced administration and creates a safer patient environment as all previous treatments and a complete medical history are recorded and easily visible. Electronic charting, or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) not only allow you to accurately document procedures themselves, but also include an array of other forms to simplify paperwork systems. For example, electronic consent forms can also be created for patients to be signed at the front desk, followed by an electronic health history questionnaire that can serve as a comprehensive starting point for the treatment provider.

Electronically documenting these procedures ensures that paperwork is not lost, filed incorrectly or destroyed accidentally. Accurate, timely and easily accessible documents create a far safer patient experience, and not only is this beneficial for the patient, but it is also safer for the medspa from a liability perspective.

When a medical software program is able to combine the features of a spa management program and then add enhancements for the medical element such as allowing you to go paperless with options such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), it is a complete package.

The best way to see what medspa software programs can do is to see demos of what the software can do or to do a free trial. Call 1 888 260 8181 or visit to see how all of the best features of medical software and spa management programs have been combined into one seamless product!

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