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January 2018

7 Steps To Assess Your Business

According to the Department of Commerce, over 1 million businesses open up every year but only 40,000 of them stay open past the first 5 years. That’s a very small survival rate. Where does your business stand? This year is almost over. Did your business grow at the rate you wished it you would?

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December 2017

It’s Your Time to LEAP!

Have you planned your 2018 success?

I did a video for you this week where I discussed the 4S’s we teach and practice.

You should check it out below.

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November 2017

Principles For Growth

Who do you go to when you need help with important decisions? Do you have a mentor or a role model to help navigate through important decisions regarding life or business?

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October 2017

9 Ways to Maximize Productivity and Results!

As medi spa leaders, you often find yourself wearing many hats and performing many different jobs during the day. No matter how organized you are, there are only 24 hours in a day. The question is: How can you manage your time so you can maximize your productivity?

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September 2017

Plan Your Holiday Success!

The big mistake spa and medi spa professionals make is that they wait until the last minute to plan their holiday success. In this article, you will discover 8 Essential Steps to Ensure Your Holiday Success.

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August 2017

Turn Up The Heat and Experience Medi Spa Business Growth

One way to Turn Up the Heat and Grow your Business is to segment your database by age, gender and interest, for example: How do you segment? You send out a survey to your database asking them certain questions that will help you segment them into different lists.

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July 2017

5 Differentiation Secrets to CRUSH the Competition

In today’s competitive world, you can find a Medi Spa or Wellness Center on every corner. This makes competing for business very challenging. Many business owners decide to play the price wargame.

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June 2017

7 Spa Coaching Strategies That Will Lead You To The Top

Coaching is not limited to sports. Over 80% of Fortune 500 companies provide professional coaching to their management team. Through coaching, companies and individuals increase profits, grow market share, and achieve greater success!

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May 2017

Key Conversations Your Spa Team Must Have To Increase Spa Revenue.
Do you know what conversations are taking place in your Spa and or Medi Spa? Are they purposeful or meaningless conversations that lead to small talk and unproductive results?

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April 2017

Memberships and Loyalty Programs have been in existence for years by companies such as Sam’s, Costco, AAA, churches, country clubs, and airlines. They have utilized them over and over successfully.
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March 2017

Increasing Spa & Medi Spa Revenue
One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to visit spas. No matter where I go, I always notice missed revenue opportunities. Often, I am not offered any additional treatments, upgrades and retail spa products. Nothing is more disappointing to me.
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February 2017

5 Tips The Spa Team Can Do To Increase Your Spa Revenue
You decided to take the entrepreneurship route. Maybe at first you started by yourself, but then you realized you had to start hiring people to work with you and help you. All of the sudden, you found yourself in a place that you have never been before and without a how-to guide to manage the journey.
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January 2017

Well Planned Changes Lead to Success
Why do most people and employees fight change? I never understood that because change is all around us. From new technologies, processes, innovation, business strategies and lifestyles, everything is always changing.
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December 2016

Improve Your Public Relations
Let’s start with defining Public Relations and why you should practice it in your medi spa business.
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November 2016

Improve Your Public Relations
Let’s start with defining Public Relations and why you should practice it in your medi spa business.
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October 2016

Prepaid Service Packages
Did you know that you can use MDware to create and track prepaid service packages? Service packages can be multiple sessions of a service usually offered at a discounted overall price.
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