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Is your spa management software pulling its weight?

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There is a lot of pressure for a medi spa to perform – especially with the wave of new cosmetic treatments flooding the market. Throw scheduling issues in the mix, and you’ve got a real headache.

As medical spa owners, your primary goal is to increase profitability by increasing the number of clients you serve. That’s a no brainer right? But how do you go about doing that? You need a simple but powerful marketing tool, such as spa management software to help run your business more efficiently. If you’re not getting enough clients through the door, chances are you need to abandon your current system and try something new.

Q1: Does it provide OUTSTANDING technical support? 

The spa management software you choose is going to operate your business, so if you run into trouble with your POS system, it’s important to have a competent professional that can quickly find answers to your questions. You want to be confident that your software provider has your back and truly cares about your issues. The last thing you want is to lose revenue because your software isn’t functioning and you can’t get the proper support.

Q2: Will it keep all my data secure?

Using a spa management software program will help safeguard your business. Your appointment schedule, client information, inventory count, and sales history are valuable.

You shouldn’t need to worry about data being lost or hacked into. The best spa management software will give spa managers and owners the ability to assign a password for each employee and determine who gets access to each area of the software. Keep your entire data safe by backing it up automatically or by storing it on a cloud based server. Now, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your client’s personal data is fully protected.

Q3: Is scheduling fast, accurate and easy?

Scheduling online appointments on the spa management software needs to be a smooth process. Not only should it be easy to find the next opening in your schedule, it should be a simple process to add, delete or reschedule appointments.

We all know that client ‘no shows’ cause frustration. When clients cancel their appointments at the last minute or just don’t show up, not only will you not meet that day’s production goals, you’ll also lose money. Instead of wasting valuable time making reminder phone calls, the spa management software should handle this mundane task for you. Reduce the amount of ‘no shows’ with automated appointment reminders that notify your clients via automated phone calls, emails or text. When used properly, this feature helps generate new business while retaining loyal clients, too.

​Q4: Will the spa management software grow with my business?

This is pretty much a given for spas, as well as other businesses. If your current system doesn’t support current business needs like web sales, collaboration or business intelligence, don’t hesitate to make the switch to new spa management software (such as MDware). When new technologies start showing up in your market, you don’t want system limitations to prevent you from moving forward against the competition.

Q5: Is the software created by industry professionals?

While many spas employ similar business practices, each spa is unique. Your spa management software should be flexible enough to accommodate the customization needed for your business without requiring uncomfortable work around. The more full-featured the software, the easier it fits your spa. With other systems you are limited in functionality, restrained on customization and unlikely to be able to develop missing features.

Don’t except less than the best

Take your spa marketing to the next level with MDware Software. Developed specifically for the aesthetics and medical industry, our spa management software makes it easy for you to automate booking and provide your customers with a rich, engaging online experience.

The best part – you’ll actually sell more and increase revenue. Find that combination, and you will have a reliable partner for growth and success that will take you as far as you want to go. Sign up for a free live demo today to learn more! We think you’ll like what you see.

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