We will attempt to answer the most commonly asked questions you have. These are compiled from the sales people or the contact us feedback we receive from the Web site.

What about technical support?

MDware Technical Support is available during office hours. We are confident that you will have no problems using our software. You can also email our support at any time and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Do I have to pay for additional computer/workstation licenses?

A single license is included with any purchase of one of the MDware editions. If you have multiple computers on your network, you will be required to pay a ONE TIME additional licensing fee per networked computer. the price of each additional workstation license depends on the edition of software you purchased

If I currently own multiple locations, can I purchase an edition of MDware and install the software at each location?

Customers that have multiple locations are required to purchase a license of MDware per location. Please contact the sales department at 1-800-798-6199 for a detailed assessment of costs involved for your locations.

MDware Software has several built-in levels of password protection. that means that you - and you alone - determine who has access to the program's confidential data. You can just activate certain passwords to work only in certain areas of the program.

Security is built in. When you set up your employees you may allow them a password. You will have a Manager’s Password to override anything. the screens and reports can be set up so that only those who have the right password can access them.

What language is MDware and its other applications written in?

Written using Microsoft .NET technologies and utilize a SQL Server 2014 database.

How do I protect my data?

The software has a built in backup utility. We recommend backing up to a “flash drive” or other device and taking offsite on a regular basis. Call our tech department anytime and they will be happy to ensure loss of your critical data is never an issue.

Need More Info? If you have any questions or comments about this features, requirements or pricing, please contact a product specialist.

Requirements for MDware 17.0/18.0

Minimum System Requirements
Core 2 Duo CPU
10 GB Free hard drive space

Windows 7, 32 Bit or 64 Bit
Windows 8
Windows 10

*Note: Progran not compatible with Windows 8 RT
*Note: the program is not recommended for Intel Celeron CPU

Recommended System Requirements

Intel I5 CPU or Better
4 GB RAM or Better
100 GB Free hard drive space
USB Flash drive (for backups)
Broadband Internet connection (For E-Mailing clients and updates)
Windows 7, 32 Bit or 64 Bit
Windows 8

Online Booking Module

Broadband internet connection w/ static IP Address (Cable/DSL or better)