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What is an EMR System? (Electronic Medical Records)

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An EMR system (Electronic Medical Records) is the smart, efficient and  incredibly simplified system of managing health records. EMR systems are digital versions of a patient or client’s treatment and medical history and are usually used by providers for treatment in an individual clinic.


EMR systems were developed with a need – they evolved to simplify the standard paper form systems that have been in place for years. They are available on their own, or better yet, as an addition to a practice or medspa management software. As technology has evolved, its application in healthcare and beauty has developed EMR systems to better facilitate treatments in a medical or medical spa environment. They are suitable for a wide range of practitioners from doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, medspas and any clinic or practice that documents procedures and patient history and would benefit from improved paperwork safety and handling and increasing overall patient safety.


There are a range of benefits experienced by practitioners, clinic staff and patients alike. Primarily, an EMR system helps simplify and streamline a clinic’s workflow and improve overall safety. In the medical cosmetics industry in particular, it is important to accurately record treatments and patient medical histories.


An EMR system essentially helps clinics “go paperless” by digitizing standard paper documents. Electronic versions of these forms are created based on the practitioner’s needs and are now filled out on a computer or tablet. Forms are usually created by the EMR provider, but there are many ways to create EMR compatible forms. There is a huge variety of form types available from consent forms to active treatment records and patient medical histories. These forms are then immediately stored under the client’s account.


This system directly benefits both the patient and the clinic itself. There is no printing, manually completing forms, and no filing. Notably, there is no waste, no lost or misfiled paperwork and quick and easy access to a client or patient’s complete treatment record.


As a result, staff have more time to devote to important tasks instead of printing multiple forms and distributing them to clients and practitioners and then adding them to charts before treatment. After treatment, the forms and charts need to be collected, sorted and filed away again. There is a huge margin for potential error as a misplaced form could be lost in the endless amounts of paperwork!


An EMR system undoubtedly helps a clinic run more smoothly and efficiently, but also increases patient safety because treatments and medical histories are accurately documented and easily accessible. Additionally, this also benefits the practice because issues with patient liability are reduced as a result of safely stored consent forms, better patient care and thus less chance of malpractice lawsuits.

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Although an increasing number of clinics and medspas are adopting EMR systems, myths and misconceptions about paperless systems prevent certain clinics from implementing these systems.


High Price Point – There are many systems available with many different price points. Shop around to ask to receive quotes to find the best fit for your practice and budget.


Complicated Usage – The idea of switching up a system thats been working is daunting, but software companies usually have in depth training sessions for staff to become proficient in using the new EMR system. Look out for programs that are also geared towards ease of use and functionality. These companies also usually have dedicated tech support teams to help out if questions arise.


Hassle of Implementation – EMR companies also have programs in place to make the switch as easy as possible. Forms and software are customized for your clinic and staff are trained before implementing the EMR system to ensure everyone is comfortable.


EMR systems can prove to be an invaluable resource for helping a clinic or medspa run to its highest potential. Do your research to find the right fit and visit our page for more information on MDware’s easy to use EMR system!