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Medical Software. What is it and How it Helps

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Medical software is the term for any software program designed to help a medical practitioner.

It is a general term for software related to medicine that can perform one or multiple functions. Medical Software can help run a practice, document patient history or procedures, and assist with the business aspect.

Practice Management Software is type of medical software designed to help clinic owners and managers run their clinics more efficiently and effectively. As a doctor as well as a business owner, you already have your hands full (literally and figuratively!) when it comes to running a clinic. The availability of practice management software helps to streamline everyday tasks such as booking, reporting and filing.


Benefits of Medical Software and Practice Management Software include:

1. Grow your Business Automatically

Some programs include automated alerts to contact patients for repeat treatments and emails clients regularly to keep them engaged and connected. The program may allow you to create VIP and referral programs. The software program may also help staff upsell products and services and help you determine growth strategies based on recorded data.

2. Save Time by Streamlining Workflow and Staff

Most Practice Management Medical Software programs will combine multiple functions such as POS Sales system, booking, client profiling, and inventory management. Tasks such as form preparation, entering client info and filing paperwork will be completed automatically if the program has an EMR function (Electronic Medical Records). Staff are connected and are aware of patient statuses by viewing the program allowing them to guide the patient between practitioners and staff as needed.

Combining these day to day tasks in one system ensures that staff can complete their jobs quickly and efficiently and your practice remains organized.

3. View Analytics and Data on Your Business’ Performance

Forget the days of combing through invoices, sales records and manually comparing trends. Advanced software programs allow you to view detailed financial and performance records.

This can also include the option to export information directly to accounting programs such as Quickbooks for tracking purposes and easy data comparisons. This information is valuable as it can display your business’ trends and guide future business decisions. 

4. Maintain more Accurate Records for Improved Patient Care and Safety

With EMR functionality, clinics can go completely paperless and digitize all of the standard forms (medical history, procedure forms etc.) These forms can be completed and saved directly to a clients profile for easy access by the practitioner.

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Practice Management Software has proven invaluable to physicians who wear the dual hat of doctor and business owner. It is a worthwhile investment for greater efficiency and as a result, greater piece of mind.

About MDware Software:

MDware Software has been a leader for medical software over 20 years and our practice management program includes all of the benefits above plus more features to make running your business even easier.

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