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As we head into the pinnacle of summer, it’s time to enjoy beaches, picnics, parades, boats, parties, weddings, reunions and barbecues. These are the days we dream about all year. We savor these wonderful moments because we live free in this amazing country. With the Fourth of July in just a few short days, it got us thinking about how thankful we are for this country we call home.

We will have two huge shows this month – Las Vegas (Aesthetic Show, July 5-8) and Dallas (AmSpa, July 14-15).Make sure you make plans to attend so you can grow your business.

Also, here’s a quick Tip of the Month on how to hide team members who are off.

Finally, read the Featured Article on The Medi Spa & Spa Menu Makeover.

Wishing you a productive July from Blake and the Team!


Watch this video to learn how to hide

team members on your grid who are off!


Las Vegas, The Aesthetic Show: July 5th-8th, 2018

Dallas, AmSpa Medical Spa Boot Camp: July 14th-15th, 2018


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The Medi Spa & Spa Menu Makeover

By: Dori Soukup


Renew Your Menu, Expand Your Income!

Innovation and creativity are essential to maintaining your competitive edge, ensuring growth and increasing client retention. Spa and Medi Spa suppliers are constantly striving to discover new ingredients, manufacturing processes, equipment and products to help consumers look and feel their very best. As an Industry Leader, it is your responsibility to stay abreast of all the new and exciting treatments that are introduced on regular basis, so you can update and select the right Spa and Medi Spa treatments for your clients. Frequently I am asked, “How often should I change my menu?” Ideally, you should revise and assess your menu once per year.

What to assess?


• Which treatments are selling, and which are not?
• In-Demand treatments – Survey your database
• Most and least popular price points
• Most popular treatment duration
• Most popular retail products
• Most profitable treatments
• Menu printing cost Appeal

Once you’ve done your assessment, you will be able to make a wise decision to modify and update your menu.

Here are some of the most popular trends to keep in mind when updating your menu. Some are economical, and some are more expensive.

Anti-aging Hand Treatments
The hands are always exposed to the sun and they show signs of aging. This can easily be addressed for almost every person who is receiving a manicure treatment. Use any anti-aging facial mask, and brush it on the hands to combat aging. Offer it as an anti-aging manicure treatment or as an enhancement to increase your revenue per guest.

Feminine Rejuvenation
This is also becoming a very popular treatment. Lasers such as the Diva, ThermiVa and Quanta are expensive. However, if the program is marketed properly, they can generate a lot of revenue. Check your state laws as to whether you can offer it or not, or who should perform the treatment.

Mention your boutique and the products you offer in your menu to inform your clients of your offerings. 


Economical Treatments for Menu Updates and Innovation

Oncology Esthetic
This treatment is gaining popularity. Estheticians can get certified and learn how to perform facials on cancer patients. Offering this type of treatment will set you apart from other Spas/MediSpas. See Morag Currin’s Certification Program


Add this high-demand treatment. A very profitable treatment if you have the right compensation model for the person doing it. See Maegen Kennedy’s Certification

PRP Treatments

You can address Hair Loss, Sexual Health for both women and men, and Facial Rejuvenation. PRP is an easy program to introduce that will help you lead more women and men to your facility.


Health Programs

Weight management is one of the biggest problems facing our nation. If you operate a MediSpa, go beyond offering just Botox, fillers, laser hair removal, etc. Include an effective weight management program with healthy living coaching and fulfill this much-needed program in your community. 


For Wellness

Consider including Energy Healing, which comes in many forms. You can offer Reiki, Shiatsu, acupuncture, reflexology and sound therapy. When these modalities are paired with massage, Energy Healing can facilitate a deeper sense of relaxation and well-being.



Introducing higher-priced facials will help you increase your revenue per hour. These include treatments such as HydraFacial, Salt Facial or the Vivace.


Body Contour

These treatments are in high demand – whether you use CoolSculpting, Sculpture, Quanta or other lasers. These are great treatments to fulfill the demand of many consumers who are seeking to lose a few inches here and there. You will increase revenue and profits exponentially.


Laser Resurfacing Aesthetic Treatments

If your budget allows for it and you have a MediSpa, it would be great to offer some more effective facial rejuvenation treatments. Many clients have Halo, BBL and others.


Spa/Medi Spa Memberships

Mention your memberships in the menu. Offering a membership program at your spa is a great way to increase retention and produce a guaranteed monthly income. People love to belong. Look at the fitness industry: they don’t have a la carte visits. You have to join. Why not do the same? It takes a little planning, the right pricing, software to manage your membership program, and a good team to sell it. Spa and Medical Spa Memberships will maximize your revenue and increase your retention. Best of all, your clients will gain the results they are seeking!


To complete the Spa Menu Makeover process, do a survey or conduct a focus group meeting to learn more about your target market’s needs. Then create a menu that ideally addresses their needs. It’s a win, win for everyone!!!


Need help with RIP? Give us a call. We can write, design and deliver a great menu.


See the Menu Development Dos and Don’ts webinar!


Article by Dori Soukup, author, speaker, consultant and founder of InSPAration Management.


Click Here to receive Dori’s book, Spa Business Secrets to Increase Profits.

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