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December is an extra special time of the year. It easily puts everyone in a cheerful disposition. It’s a month of personal faith, joy, holiday shopping and celebration. We are grateful for this magical season of sparkling lights, warm cups of cocoa and the excitement of Saint Nick, even as adults. December is one huge holiday extravaganza and we should celebrate accordingly! 


Here’s a quick Tip of the Month on how to Locate Appointments.


The Feature Spotlight is on Multilocation Reports, where you can view all of your sales information for all your locations on a single report!


Finally, read the Featured Article on How to Increase Your Revenue with Great Reviews!


Wishing you a productive December from Blake and the Team!


Watch this video to learn a quick way to

locate a client’s appointment.


Las Vegas A4M Show: December 14-16, 2018


Want to view all of your sales information for all your locations on a single report?


Now you can with the new Multilocation Reports! View figures such as service sales, product sales, average visit amount and more across all your locations. 

Please contact your MDware sales rep today for more information about this new release!


How to Increase Your Revenue with Great Reviews!


By: Dori Soukup

Reviews and video testimonials are major keys to your success.

According to Big Commerce:


92% of consumers read online reviews and testimonials when considering a purchase.


88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.


72% of them say positive reviews and testimonials make them trust a business more.


Google and Amazon are all about reviews. Reviews increase your search ranking on both platforms. If you don’t have reviews, you are not helping yourself. Here are 7 Strategies you need to focus on to gain great reviews and increase your revenue:

1. Install a review platform on your website.  Make it easy for people to leave reviews. If it is noticeable and user-friendly, people will leave reviews.

2. Ask for reviews in person. At checkout, your Guest Relations Team should be asking your guests to leave reviews and video testimonials. You can give them an information card with how to leave reviews. Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, whatever your focus is.

3. Type of reviews to ask for. In writing, online, video and social media, the options are endless. We recommend you focus on one platform at a time each month. That way no matter where your consumers frequent, they will be able to see your reviews.

4. Have a system and performance measures in place to gain reviews. Inform your team that gaining reviews is part of their responsibilities. Everyone should be asking their guests to give reviews.

5. Bonus your team for getting reviews. Set a target for your team members as to how many reviews they should receive per month. Give them a small bonus for achieving the goal.

6. You must have a process to handle bad reviews. Bad reviews are learning opportunities. No one likes bad reviews. But the fact is, no one is perfect. But how you handle it is crucial. Be careful not to air your dirty laundry online. If you have a bad review, contact the person online and ask them to call you, so you can learn more about what happened and how you can help.

7. Ask and you shall receive! Always ask for reviews and video testimonials. They will help you grow your business exponentially!

Make the commitment and plan to gain more reviews. Especially video testimonials for your spa or medi spa, and watch your business soar! I am not asking you to do anything we don’t do. If you want to see how we collect raving fans, go to InSPAration Management’s YouTube channel and check out all the raving fans we have on video. You need to do the same thing. Post them on YouTube and link them to your website!

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Learning More Ways On

How To Increase Revenue!


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Article by Dori Soukup. Author, speaker, consultant and founder of InSPAration Management.


Click Here to receive Dori’s book, Spa Business Secrets to Increase Profits.

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