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Contrary to popular belief, January is destined for more than hibernation and dieting. It is the month of newfound freedom. Why? You’ve done the obligatory family gatherings, you shopped until you dropped, listened to Jingle Bells on repeat and ate a dozen cookies a day during the month of December. (Or maybe that’s just us.) We loved the festivities of the holidays but we’re ready for something new!

Say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019 with open arms. Take this opportunity to take care of yourself, to do the things you never have time for and make it YOUR year. 


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Wishing you a productive start to 2019 from Blake and the Team!


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“Discover A PROVEN Blueprint to Making Your Spa and Medi Spa
More Successful, So You Can Live The Lifestyle You Deserve…”

Are you frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted from running your day-to-day operations in your Spa or Medi Spa?


Your Recipe For Success 

By: Dori Soukup


Do you ever wonder why some businesses succeed and some fail or barely survive? It’s never just one thing. To have a successful medi spa or spa, it takes a fully effective recipe that is implemented, monitored and measured on a regular basis. Below are some of the success recipes I will be sharing during the complimentary webinar.

1. A Proven Effective Business Model
It all starts here. A business model is a must. Without clarity, you will have the wild, wild west. Let’s start by defining the term “business model.” A business model is a blueprint, a guide on how you operate your business. It includes: structure, strategies, systems, solutions, manuals with processes, policies, procedures, protocols, everything your team will need to perform their position successfully. It should include your marketing, sales, financials, and operational models. The clearer the model is, the more successful and profitable you will be.

2. Smart Marketing Strategies
You can have the most beautiful medi spa or spa, but if you don’t have clients you are dead. Don’t confuse advertising with marketing. You should have a marketing plan that includes lead generation, converting the lead into a prospect, the prospect into a new client, the new client into a lifetime client. That is your marketing purpose. Assess your lead generating process. You must use a wide range of marketing mix in order to generate the maximum amount of leads. The problem with most companies is they don’t measure their marketing effectiveness, and or they don’t focus on marketing on regular basis. Most medi spas and spa are operating at 35% of their true capacity. If you want to make money, you need to be operating at least 50%+.


3. Delivering a WOW Guest Experience
High Client Retention is key to your success. Last year, I traveled over 100K with Delta visiting clients and being a secret shopper or just going for my treatments. I always look for the wow factor, only not finding it. Once in a while, I do have a wow Experience, but not often enough. Your experience needs to be orchestrated step by step. It needs to be mapped out so every team member knows exactly what to do and how to WOW your guest. Make sure you have touch points, little unexpected surprises that will cause your clients to say “WOW, that was special!” Do this and your retention rate will go through the roof!


4. A Well-trained Team
This is where the rubber hits the road. Your team is the most important success ingredient. How good is your team? Do you have A players? Bs or Cs? The quality of your team will determine your success level. Just like in sports, if your team is well trained, they know how to play the game, they keep their eye on the ball, they are coachable and trainable, then you can win a championship. Team Training pays off! You need to invest in your team and train them! A great trained team will help you exceed your goals!


To gain a more in depth look into the Recipe For Success, join us for a complimentary webinar on January 14th at 2 pm Eastern. Invite the whole team!

This is ideal for every person on the team, managers, and leaders!


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Article by Dori Soukup. Author, speaker, consultant and founder of InSPAration Management.

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